Galapagos Islands in April: Is It A Good Time To See Galapagos Islands?

galapagos sharks on Pinzon Island

April provides snorkeling in brilliant blue seas, discovering young giant tortoises, and Easter celebrations in the Galápagos Islands. As the month continues, dramatic moments between the hatchlings and their formidable predators unfold: keep an eye on the beaches to watch how it all plays out.

It is the best season to visit Isabela Island, Genovesa, and Española Islands to witness a variety of species. You’ll plunge into the sea and explore the aquatic underworld in between land-based activities. If you’re planning a trip in April, keep reading for weather forecasts and travel recommendations.

Galapagos in April: A Quick Glance

  • Air temperature: 22-30°C / 72-88°F
  • Sea temperature: 76°C / 24°C
  • Average rainfall: 4cm / 1.4in
  • Rain: Lesser intermittent rain showers
  • Flora: While the rains have stopped, the islands remain lush and verdant.
  • Fauna: Ideal to island-hop between Isabela, Genovesa, and Española Islands to see a variety of wildlife

Galapagos in April: Wildlife 

Galapagos Giant tortoises behind me at El Chato Tortoise Reserve

One of the great sights of the Galapagos in April is the regular return of waved albatross to Espanola Island, but this month some of them begin their courting ritual. Those on Galapagos Islands cruises that visit Espanola Island may be interested in witnessing this bizarre courting rite, in which waved albatross swords battle with their beaks. Typically, pairs will mate for life.

The giant tortoise hatching season comes to an end in the Galapagos Islands in April. Female tortoises will deposit two to sixteen eggs, which will emerge from the hole created by the female during this month.

Keep an eye out for hawks that will try to grab hatchlings. Green sea turtles emerge at this time of year as well. During the night in April, sea turtle hatchlings make their way from the nest to the water in Galapagos. Nighttime is a good choice because there are numerous predators during the day, such as hawks, frigate birds, and mocking birds.

Galapagos in April: Tourist Crowds

Galapagos mural

Easter attracts a large number of visitors to the Galapagos Islands, so anticipate it to be more congested during this time. Prices for flights and accommodations rise as the holiday draws visitors not just from other nations but also from all throughout Ecuador. If you avoid coming around Easter week, you may still find reduced pricing on Galapagos hotels and activities on the islands, such as boat cruises and land-based excursions.

Overall, April is generally a low season and is an excellent time to vacation, especially if you want some peace and quiet. On the islands, you may feel as if you are alone at times, and you may enjoy several activities without encountering large crowds. It’s ideal for a relaxed trip away from the city, with most wildlife and the environment as a company.

Galapagos in April: Weather

Boat to Santa Cruz Island

The rainy season in Galapagos ends in April, leaving the archipelago with lush, green foliage. The weather is comfortable, with daily highs of 80°F and low points of 77°F in the water. Rainfall is nearly non-existent, humidity is diminishing as the dry season begins, and cooler waters have returned to numerous islands, notably those in the west.

Galapagos in April: Activities

Sea lions in the water on Pinzon Island, Galapagos

Most tourists discover that the month they come has little bearing on the activities they can partake in. Activities in the Galapagos Islands in April are similar to those throughout the year, whether you are on a Galapagos Islands cruise or a Galapagos land-based alternative. 

However, one advantage for snorkelers at this time of year is that the seas get cleaner. The high visibility provides several opportunities to observe the aquatic life below. The water remains rather warm at this time of year, making it ideal for a swim.

Bottom Line

April is one of the greatest months to visit the Galapagos. The weather is pleasant and bright, and the sea temperature is pleasant.

Because April is an off-season month, there are generally plenty of trip alternatives available at reasonable prices. There are also some genuinely outstanding wildlife encounters to be had. However, everyone has different travel tastes, and the Galapagos Islands in April may not be for everyone, especially if you like slightly cooler temperatures.

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